Meet The Team

Dr Leah Bishop


Leah developed Inherent in 2011, out of a passion for wanting to support her colleagues and clients to work smarter not harder in the resources sector with a focus on safety and risk management. Over the past 11 years Leah has built Inherent to be the most trusted Risk Consultancy in the Mining, Oil and Gas and Chemical Processing sectors.

As well as her role as Managing Director, Leah also works on projects where she utilises her practical expertise across all lifecycle phases to provide technical safety and risk, strategic risk management, safety case development and hazard assessment services. Her strength (apart from her awesome arm in ball and her witty sense of humour) really is in her customer focussed delivery. She enjoys providing Risk Management techniques such as HAZID, HAZOP, PHA, PHA/SOA, SIMOPS, FSA, SIL and safety case development.

Leah has also worked internationally on a number of projects and also commits her time to supporting charitable causes that align with her mission : to keep people safe!

Craig Bishop

Craig is an experienced Executive and Non-Executive Director across a number of sectors including Resources, Not for Profit and SME. Craig brings a wealth of knowledge to clients of Inherent.

Craig has been based in Perth for more than 20 years and holds a broad skill set that covers strategic and operational planning, marketing, new business development, customer relationship management, general business operations, risk management and finance; as well as negotiating, establishing and managing channel/distribution/ franchise partnerships and business relationships.

With a track record of success in leading high performance multi-disciplinary teams, Craig has a keen focus on risk and governance, understanding the need for excellent communication, efficient processes and a sense of humour.

Carol Fruzynski

Carol brings to Inherent a wealth of knowledge in the contract compliance and auditing space, both financial and operational. Carol’s background also includes document control, business process systemisation and forensic assessment of business controls to prepare gap analysis and improvements required. The above, as well as a high level of detail translate into a smooth customer journey across the many projects undertaken by Inherent.

Jacob Raymond

Jacob has been working with Inherent since November of 2021 after finishing a Masters in Chemical Engineering. Jacob’s strengths include detailed analysis of clients engineering drawings, process design documents and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) procedures to identify hazardous areas and nodes for risk assessment. As such Jacob also has a high level of technical risk assessment skill when developing reporting for key stakeholders detailing quantitative risk analysis results and qualitative recommendations to mitigate safety, environmental and financial risks.

Michael Mawdesley

Michael is a Chemical and Process Engineer with over 5 years professional experience as a Risk Engineer. Michael has been working with Inherent over this time to provide technical safety and risk consulting support on the delivery of engineering risk study projects such as Hazard & Operability (HAZOP) Studies, LOPA/SIL (Layer of Protection Analysis/Safety Integrity Level) Assessment, Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Bowtie Analysis. Michaels high level of technical acumen has been a driving force to produce risk consulting support to major customers such as Newcrest Mining, Jadestone Energy and DNV GL.

Alan Carmody

Alan has over thirty years’ experience in coordination and management of both large and small technical projects. Alan has practical experience in greenhouse, power, controls, monitoring and information systems. He has worked in the mining, processing, power, water and wastewater industries, petrochemical, both on and offshore oil and gas, building services, manufacturing and marine sectors.

Alan’s strength is his client focussed delivery of Risk Management techniques including but not limited to HAZID, HAZOP, PHA, PHA/SOA, SIMOPS, FSA, SIL, safety case development, achieving high standard outcomes in a timely manner.

Daniel Quick

Daniel is an experienced Safety professional and WHS inspector. He has worked in the oil & gas, mining & mineral processing and defence industries.

Daniel specializes in Hazard Management /Safety Management System development and implementation through Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Critical Control Analysis, Performance Standards, Verification, Validations, Audits and Inspections.

Risk Management strengths:

  • Over 10 years – Facilitation of workshops, developing Safety Cases.
  • Over 15 years – Development of Management System solutions and delivery of training establishing understanding and acceptance of improvements introduced into an organisation.
  • Naturally mentors in all aspects of Hazard Management at all levels of an organisation.

Ari Antonovsky

Ari is a highly qualified Materials and Reliability Engineer with over thirty years’ experience. He has extensive experience in the oil & gas, defence force, mining and research industries, predominantly in Western Australia. Ari has practical experience in maintenance reliability engineering improving reliability, efficiency in maintenance practices and materials selection Ari’s strength is his customer focused delivery of Risk Management techniques including but not limited to HAZID, HAZOP, PHA, PHA/SOA, SIMOPS, FSA, SIL, safety case development, to achieving timely results of an exemplary standard.

John Boyd

John is a Process safety engineer with over 25+ years professional experience. During this time John has worked for many organisations and displays a high standard of problem solving skills and a keen understanding of the day to day challenges having spent many years in front line operations and maintenance rolls.

John’s strengths as a facilitator are due to his ability to negotiate within team environments and his high regard to process safety and legislative compliance. John has a proven ability to assess peoples’ skills and mould effective teams into delivery on schedule.

John is a highly experienced Chairman and Facilitator with regard to Project Risk Assessment (PRA) , HAZOPs, HAZIDs, CHAZOPs, Design Safety Reviews (DSRs), SIL and LOPA.

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