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About Inherent

Dr Leah Bishop formed Inherent in August 2010 as a specialised Risk Consultancy.  Since 2010 Inherent has successfully supported many Resource Operators and Service Companies by providing quality Technical Safety and Risk Expertise.

The Inherent team with their extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, not for profit, mining and resources sector have contributed to major projects both in Australia and internationally in the concept development, design, operational and decommissioning phases.

Our in-depth knowledge of the interpretation and application of Australian Safety Case regulations enables us to assist in the development of safety cases for major Australasian platforms, floating production storage and offtake facilities, mobile offshore drilling units and onshore facilities.


Our areas of expertise

Inherent provides technical safety and risk assistance, strategic risk management support, governance and social performance
compliance, safety case development, dangerous goods and hazard assessment services across a number of different industries:

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What Inherent Does

We help you to work smarter, not harder

Safety case development and review

Risk assessment studies

Quantitative & qualitative risk assessments

Design Optimisation

Dangerous Goods Training, Licensing & Auditing

Over 11 years experience in Risk management systems development, documentation, implementation and review.

Over 10 years - Enterprise, project, technical, construction, operational and OHSE risk assessment facilitation, management and reviews including HAZID / HAZOP / EnvID / LOPA / SIL / CVX-PHA / SOA to relevant standards.

Approved facilitator for large international operators.

HAZOP Facilitation Training specialists

Major Hazard Facilities (MHF) and offshore facility systems development, documentation, implementation and review to relevant local state legislation and regulatory requirements.

Design and preparation of documentary evidence of client’s risk management programmes, processes, procedures and studies.


We serve our customers with respect and passion


Recent Projects

We have a deep understanding and passion for what we do. We believe quality and efficiency are not mutually exclusive to having fun. We treat our customers with respect and total commitment to providing solutions tailored to their needs. We promise the services we offer are delivered in a professional, ethical, and impartial manner.